10 Questions to Ask and Answers given when Considering if Divi WordPress Theme is the Right Fit for Your Website

Today, WordPress is still considered a leading website building platform by many online enthusiasts because of its awesome arrays of themes. One such outstanding theme is Divi, which has a wide amount of features just waiting for savvy website lovers and builders like you to try out.

Unlike other WordPress themes that have been around for many years, Divi has been around a much shorter time, yet, so far it has made an indelible mark on website builders over the years. Today, you can use Divi theme to build your website and reap the benefits.

What is Divi?

Divi is a theme that is used on the WordPress site. It has multi-purpose functions that are designed to work well for site builders and even builders that are totally code-illiterate can easily use it to build beautiful websites. It was created by a company known as Elegant Themes. Its awesome drag and drop combination will make your website building job a breeze.
Here are 10 questions and answers to consider before deciding to use Divi WordPress theme on your website.

Is it a Real Time Designer Tool?

Nowadays, website creators and visitors like to see real time designs and browsing take place in quick manner. If while you are designing your site and page changes take long to happen then you may be using the wrong designing tools to get the job done. Indeed, Divi is in the category of a real time designer tool that makes you carry out your page changes fast and without any hassle. Your updates are done quickly and right before your very eyes.

Can it Customize Everything in a Short Time?

The website theme can customize anything you want it to do because of the powerful elements it carries. Some things it can easily customize are color palettes, space and size as well as it makes even your CSS more customizable. In addition, it can adjust your fonts to the size you want them to be. With such a website theme at your fingertip, you need not worry about your site getting the best customization because it has the power to customize everything in real time.

Does it have a Good Visual Builder?

Divi carries the design of a powerful builder that makes it function in real time and without any hassle on your part. The front end editor gives it the power it needs to operate at a very fast pace. With this commanding visual builder to work with, you will have more eye catching content on your site for visitors to read. In addition, your website will become more interactive. Apart from fast content creation and editing on your website, other benefits of having a great visual builder to work with are that you get a faster website design as well as freedom of choice to build your site anyway you want to.

Is There a Responsive Editor in it?

The Divi theme comes with a magnificent responsive editor that will take your breath away. With the responsive editing working full time on your site, you can easily receive live responsive previews anytime you want. Since the responsive editor allows the preview to work well on your site, you will have the power to apply customized changes to any specific mobile dividing line you encounter during the building process.

What About Global Elements?

The Divi plugin gives you the capability to sync various items from anywhere in the world and update them only once. As long as the items are updated one time, they all automatically get updated in other places, near and far. Website builders have found this feature as a great footer that they can turn to when the need arises to update stuffs from other places all at the same time.

Can Divi Organize the Items and Features on a WordPress Website?

Sure it can. The plugin has one of the best organizing tools that can take the clutter out of your website. It has the capabilities to add new rows on the site and it gives you the choice to choose which column types you prefer. Once your column types are chosen, everything just automatically falls into place perfectly.

Do the Plugin Require Heavy Loading?

Unlike some other builders out on the market today that require heavy loading, the Divi Builder can load easily and gives a quick response as well. Since it has a fast response time, it can load effortlessly so you do not need to carry out a page refresh in order to get your site working properly. With such awesome loading power happening on your site, your Google page ranking will soar and your customer conversion rate will improve.

How Many Content Elements do the Plugin has?

There are 46 content elements in Div and all you have to do to get the best ones is just to a mix and match until you are satisfied. Once you get the right element into place, you can arrange your data content the way you want them. With your content elements in place, you can locate your conferences, concerts, events and so on with just a click of the button. This WordPress theme plugin gives you the go ahead to put in more than one content elements fields on your website if you so desire.

Does the Plugin Have Import and Export Features?

Divi import and export features give you the capability to save layouts in your private library that you might want to use again. In addition, you have the power to import, export, download web pictures as well as information. You can also share whatever you like on social media sites. Furthermore, with the import and export features working full blast, you can set your site to browse in fast pace, resize your images and even provide better branding for your product.

Does Divi Carry Premade Layouts?

The Divi Builder has its own premade layout for you to work with. The builder comes over 140 layouts just waiting for you to have a go at them. In fact, each week some new and unique premade layouts are added to those already using in the builder. Two benefits that you will get from the lineup of layouts are the ability to create gorgeous designs and to import a layout with ease from any of your desired categories.

• A main pro of the plugin is that the Divi Builder and Divi theme play a combination role and brings you a breath taking experience in the website building process.
• The code building used on the builder is Sucuri certified and hence it carries a strong recognition internationally.
• Divi is a multipurpose plugin that makes it easy to create beautiful WordPress websites.
• It has a WordPress customizer that allows you to create your site easily and in addition gives it the unique look you want it to have. The customizer also allows you to preview your incomplete site any time you want to.
• The other aspects are great, especially the Divi Role Editor and A/B Testing features.
• The RTL support provides a multilingual backup that some competitors do not have.
• The plugin has other various plugins using as well and also carries additional accessories such as free tutorials and child themes.

• To some website builders, using Divi theme and code is not an easy task for them.
• The theme seems to have a negative impact on SEO.
• The theme is not compatible enough, thus making it difficult for some plugins such as Yoast SEO to carry out a proper analytic assessment.
• Some WordPress web builders face a problem when they try to migrate to use a different theme on the same platform.

With an enormous array of WordPress web builders turning to the Divi Builder as their main website theme on the platform, it is no wonder that so many sites are going live with the Divi label on it. As other competitor themes jostle to take first place on the WordPress platform, Divi seems to be leading the way because of the awesome features it has.

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