DIVI Still The Most Popular WordPress Theme

You can get a direct link to DIVI by clicking here

With hundreds of themes out there for popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, ModX and Drupal, who has the most popular theme out of all of them. In our research, we find that DIVI from Elegant Themes is the most popular. We have tested themes in all 3 of the big content management systems and since the modern WordPress themes come packed with built-in page builders, web designers no longer need to know CSS and Javascript let alone HTML 5 or responsive design.

In our research and opinion, DIVI has the most powerful widgets that make the most beautiful websites. When you see those home pages that pop and stretch all the way across the screen chances are it is DIVI from Elegant themes. Everything from animation to multi-columns are included and work alongside native WordPress widgets.

What we love about DIVI and most of the page builders is the ability to easily add new rows and then columns within those rows. That’s incredible, so if you want to have a 3 column layout in a single row and then have another row that has two 50% width rows, you can do that and shortcodes from popular plugins like Shortcodes Ultimate work well with DIVI since we can add text or HTML widgets that accept and render shortcodes.

Non-intrusive design

The cool thing about DIVI is that when you are editing your home page or any page, it does not get in the way. The control can be dragged out of the way. You can edit web pages with two different ways: The front page editing and the Visual Builder. I like the editor as I think the front page editor is a little difficult to use and it is easy to mess up your web page, so I think the back end is better. When you are logged into your WordPress back end, you simply visit the home page and then at the top, click on Enable Visual Builder. You will see a grid of controls that you can drag, drop, move, duplicate and drag any columns you like to new column positions. The Visual Builder button has a D icon. Click on it. Our complaint is that the web page does not look natural, so it is better to click on the usual Edit Page link that is available with any WordPress page (when an admin is logged in). After clicking on Edit Page, the DIVI Builder will open and you can go to town to make the changes to make your website look amazing!

There are Thirty-Two Predefined Layouts in the DIVI Library

If you like a specific column and row combination, you can save the part to the library and have access to it for future edits. We love this, because if you want to make similar layouts, you can simply call a previous layout from the library and then edit it to make it different. DIVI comes with a predefined layout and layout that you save to the library. There are over 20 predefined layouts, so there is very little work except for trying them out.

Some of the predefined layouts in the DIVI pre defined library are:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Our Team
  3. Creative Agency
  4. Sales Page
  5. Case Study
  6. Product Features
  7. Homepage Basic
  8. Homepage Shop
  9. Homepage Portfolio
  10. Homepage Company
  11. Homepage Corporate
  12. Homepage Extended
  13. Page Fullwidth
  14. Page Right Sidebar
  15. Page Left Sidebar
  16. Page Dual Sidebars
  17. Portfolio Grid
  18. Portfolio 1 Column
  19. Portfolio Fullwidth Carousel
  20. Portfolio Fullwidth Grid
  21. Project Extended
  22. Project Extended 2
  23. Blog Masonry
  24. Blog Standard
  25. Shop Basic
  26. Shop Extended
  27. Splash Page
  28. Maintenance Mode
  29. Coming Soon
  30. Landing Page
  31. About Me
  32. About Us

If you done do like these, you may also save over one hundred of your own library layouts.

Click this link to learn more about DIVI from Elegant Themes.