One of the most up-to-date WordPress Theme Development Courses

FOr those people wanting to learn how to develop WordPress themes for 2017, we found a great Udemy course at – There are several courses on WordPress theme and plugin development throughout the web, but this is a complete course and the title also reflects it as Complete WordPress Theme Developer Course.

This course is also offered by two instructors including’s most popular instructor, Rob Percival and WordPress development expert Bruce Chamoff. Rob Percival from the United Kingdom has over 500,000 Udemy students worldwide and is one of the pioneer instructors on Udemy. Rob’s specialty in web development is one of the most widely known throughout the world. Bruce Chamoff from the United States has built over 1,000 websites since 1995 and has worked on websites for everyone from mom and pop shops to major corporations and fortune 500 companies.

The subjects in this course include, but are not limited to:

  • Set up your ideal development environment including PHP, MySQL, and more
  • Build sections, panels, and controls for the WordPress customizer
  • WordPress coding best practices
  • Automatically recommend and/or require page builders with your theme
  • Use version control (the basics) to make sure your theme development is a smooth process
  • Create a theme that follows coding best practice and standards
  • Develop a complete theme from a static responsive theme from scratch
  • Make your theme compatible with WooCommerce
  • Display posts quickly with the WP REST API
  • How to earn revenue from your themes, how much to charge for your themes and which websites are the best marketplaces for your themes.
  • Package page builders and other plugins with your theme from WordPress, Guthub or in a separate director
  • Version control of your themes using Git and Github

Also between February and March 2017, a new Twitter Bootstrap theme development section will be added, so this is an amazing course to take for those web designers and developers who want to learn the complete way of developing WordPress sites. It is all here.