Why Register.com Is The Best Service For Web Designers and Web Development Firms

We have used them all: 1&1, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and a whole slew of other new unknown web hosting companies, but Register.com has actually done its homework. Its reseller program has the best payoffs and the most coupons for everything from including, but not limited to:

Yes, we understand that all of the other hosting companies offer these services, but Register.com has multiple coupons and the best tech support. Their tech support reps are fast and friendly. They pick up the fastest when we call. The coupons we use with Register.com include:

25% off all of their services

25% off SSL certificates

Only $9.99 for a domain and email combined service

We started building websites with all of these services from Register.com and we have been totally happy. Their 100% Uptime service has been spot on too which is the most important thing we look for. Another important factor in web design companies is the speed for WordPress websites. We have tried building a WordPress with GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting, but Register.com’s servers are faster.

Check out Register.com today. We recommend them highly for all web design and web development firms.

Creating a website is easy!

Right on their home page of the Creating a website is easy! service:

  • Step 1: Sign up now and get a FREE domain!*
  • Step 2: Design your new website in minutes!
  • Step 3: You are live! Grow your business online!

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