Web Design News For First Week of December 3, 2015: Wix, BigCommerce, Close5

BigCommerce is giving away a guide called The complete guide to scaling your brick-and-mortar business. This guide explains how to take your retail business online and succeed, but this short brief article also explains about online consumer behavior as opposed to how they behave in brick and mortar stores. This article also goes on to explain that the B&M retailers are doing better since they have all pretty much gone online. The online sales do drive traffic into the offline stores, so cyber monday is not the only way that major retail chains increase sales after Black Friday. Don’t forget about the holiday shopping season itself with sites like eBay and mobile apps like Close5 and Wallapop. You can click here to get more information about this guide.

Talking about eBay, their mobile app Close5 is doing well and eBay’s promotion of it is proving successful. In case you have not heard of Close5, it is eBay’s local exchange mobile app where members can list items and meet in person, in neutral places of course, to buy and sell merchansdise. The best thing about Close5 is that as of the time of this writing, it is free to use with absolutely no fees, unlike the high fees charged by eBay.

In Wix’s new article 10 Gorgeous Pre-Designed Elements To Add To Your Wix Site, they share their new ideas and features for the most flashy websites of today. They include advice on designing menus and contact forms. The blog post also offers advice on how to design a nice looking blog.