WordPress Development Course Hits Over 5,000 Students in One Week!

For those people who are interested in becoming better WordPress developers, these two classes have been growing exponentially since it was created one week ago. We signed up for the courses right away as they both offered in total over 15 hours in 165 video lectures. That is a lot of useful information for anyone who wants to get into WordPress development.

The two courses Professional WordPress Plugin Development for 2016 and Become A Professional Theme Development for 2016 are becoming popular within the WordPress community as well. Taught by 20 year web developer Bruce Chamoff, these courses are easy to take and each course ranges from 3 to 17 minutes in length. Each includes valuable coding.

The theme development course highlights the development of child themes, the WordPress Theme Customization API and responsiveness. The plugin course highlights action/filter hooks, 6 additional WordPress APIs and plugin features.

Check these courses out.