WordPress Names Version 4.9 After Jazz Musician Billy Tipton

Named after jazz musician Billy Tipton, and WordPress seems to name all of their releases after jazz musicians, offers a new cleaner design workflow To protect against bugs and errors during development and code.

Most notably, the customizer has a new workflow. The editor provides new code syntax highlighting and checks for errors before the cod is saved. We remember the days of coding directly in the editor and if there was an error, that error would bring the entire website down. We hope this new improvement will save from these types of issues which caused major blunders from bad coding. For this reason, we at Web Designer Mall always suggested NOT coding inside the editor, but maybe this will be a major fix and we can rest easy on that advice. Tipton also offers a brand new widget out of the core which displays a gallery. Prett cool!

The new release also offers scheduled design changes. This includes the ability to draft posts and revise them on the fly with the flexibility to schedule those changes. Simply select the date where they will go live.

Text Widgets Now Have an Add Media Button

Do you know how we can add media like images and photos to posts and pages? Well now, we can add them right inside the media button. Amazing! We tried this and it worked well. The media panel opens up as usual and we can add media as usual.

More Reliable Theme Switching

With previous versions of WordPress, there was a minor issue where widgets would not stay in place when you tried different widgets, but now, the big improvement to widgets in version 4.9 is the fix where widgets stay in place allowing the user to simply see the new theme without worries of the widgets moving. Great improvement in our opinion!

Install WordPress 4.9 Today or Update Your Current Version!