Andigo New Media

When we started out, back in 1996, we didn’t have a Website. Few companies did. The World Wide Web (no-one knew it well enough to call it “the Web.” The whole Madonna/Fergie/Oprah one-name thing came later.) was a much different place. AOL for fun, Compuserve for business, and none of the browser and search tools we take for granted now.

The ground was rumbling though, and we did then what we still do with technology – we separated the overhyped bleeding edge ideas from the truly useful tools, and we showed our clients how to use those tools.

With that came our evolution from disc-based and laptop-based presentations to Website development and online communication strategy. And that’s where we’ve been focused ever since.

But it’s really not about the technology. Through all the fast-paced tech changes, we’ve remained true to our mission of keeping effective communication at the forefront. The message comes first. It’s what we’re most passionate about.

We’ve stoked that passion by staying small and letting our combination of in-house employees and freelance partners do the things they love the most.

That focus on staying energized is, quite simply, the key to the great work we do and the great results we deliver to our clients.

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