Resell Logo Design.

Logo Garden’s amazing logo services start at just $39.99. Being that logo can cost hundreds of dollars for the going rate, we suggest that all web designers give it a try. Ask your clients if they want a new or updated logo. With Logo Garden, you work directly with a logo designer who stays with you until the project is done. We have purchased logos from Logo Garden and made a 500% markup with our web design clients, and this is what you can do as well.

What is great about Logo Garden is that every logo project gets a personal designer who has experience creating hundreds of logos, so you know that you get experience and quality. The promise 100% satisfaction. Every client gets multiple choices to select the final logo from. The logos are web ready as well as and print ready, so the logos can be used on both website designs and brochures, magazines and spec sheets. The best part is that Logo Garden offers a Cash back guarantee, so this service works very well.

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