At the Web Designer Mall, we are looking for all types of articles and we are paying. The process is simple. Submit an article. If we publish it, you get paid. We are EXCITED to read and publish as many web design, development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing articles as possible. We definitely look forward to reading and publishing as many articles as possible. We are looking to publish over 100 articles per month, so we definitely want your submission and we want to pay for quality original content.

The more articles we publish of yours, the more money we pay you. Payouts start from .50 and go all the way up to $10.00 USD for article. This article will explain everything you need to get started. The Article Submission FAQs are also at the end of this article.

To Publish An Article

Simply type your article into the form below. Once submitted, our editors will review your article and if published, we will pay you. All payments are made via Paypal, so you must have a valid Paypal account. All Paypal payments are made from our parent company Hot Web Ideas, Inc.

The form includes a place to enter the article, your Paypal address, and other details.

How Long Do We Take To Review Your Article and Publish It?

We review all submissions between 10 to 15 business days. When we publish your article, we will email you. All payments are made once per month for at least one article published, but there is no limit to the number of payments we can make to you each month for more than one article published. For example, we will pay you for one article or ten articles that you write which we publish.

Here are the topics that we are looking for in articles:





PHP Frameworks









Cold Fusion



Social Media Marketing


Facebook Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Analytics


Submission Guidelines

All articles must adhere to the following guidelines and rules. Articles must:

  • be at least 300 words. The more words, the better chance you have of getting your article published.
  • follow English grammar and spelling rules
  • be written specifically about the topic and not about the author or his/her company
  • be written totally originally and not copy/plagiarize any other article. All articles are checked for originality and uniqueness and our editors check them against copyscape. Any article found to be a copy of another will automatically be disqualified and the author may lose privileges to submit articles in the future

How does the payment scale of .50 to $10.00 USD work?

We pay based on the number of articles per author we accept and publish. The scale is as follows:

Number of Articles Published For Each Author Price Paid Per Published Article (USD)
1 to 5 .50 to $1.25
6 to 10 .75 to $2.00
11 to 20 1.00 to $2.50
21 to 35 1.50 to $3.00
36 to 50 2.00 to $3.25
51 to 75 3.50 to $4.00
76 to 100 5.00 to $7.50
101 to 125 7.50 to $10.00
Over 125 $10.00

For each article we purchase, the price that we pay within the price range depends on the follow factors:

  • uniqueness
  • grammar and spelling
  • how well the content of the article matches recent web design technologies
  • how well the article measures up against other similar articles that we receive
  • the number of words in the article (the more words, the better and the higher we pay per published article)
  • articles explaining basic technologies will only be accepted and published if they were released in the past 6 months. Articles that explain tips, tricks, strategies, troubleshooting, code samples, design tricks, mobile app layout tutorials get accepted mostly, but the editorial team reserves the right to change the target content at any time.

How We Decide Which Articles Are Selected For Publication

The editorial team at Web Designer Mall consists of a team of 12 writers and editors. Our editors have written and edited technology articles and stay up to date on the latest technologies. They will read every article submitted and vote on which articles get published. The team does not always read articles in the order they were submitted, so your topic and article subject is very important in getting your article to stand out and be read ahead of the rest. We are already receiving many article submissions, so make yours stand out to get the editors’ attention.

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