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DeltaV Conference

What is DeltaV? Two days of inspiring talks and practical advice from the world’s experts in all areas of web performance. Whether you are a Tech Lead instigating change within your organisation, an Engineer who wants to understand the […]

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What is #PerfMatters? #PerfMatters Conference is the web performance conference in Redwood City, California with talks by internationally renowned performance developers. Our focus is on front-end web performance.

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AssertJS Conf

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? As developers we know that automated testing helps us write better code, build more reliable products, and keep our development velocity consistently high. As JavaScript developers we also know that […]

Web Standards Days

We all love building with components. But they can lead to difficulties with styling – whether theming whole apps, or styling third-party libraries. This has led to some people in the world, building it into cross-browser, valid […]