Book Review: SEO 2018 Learn Search Engine Optimization by Adam Clarke

Our Book Review

We know how search engine optimization changes very often, sometimes too often to keep up with. We can keep reading the advice from Google, Yahoo, Bing and websites such as as well as multiple SEO experts who assert their own opinions, but we need more. The big problem is how there is so much search engine optimization advice that is old and outdated and it seems that most SEO experts are behind the times.

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SEO 2018 gives us a look at today’s rules and guidelines. It talks about

  • keyword research
  • link building
  • social media’s role in SEO
  • analytics
  • local SEO
  • Google Adwords

There is even a very special chapter on Google algorithms and how to keep up with them. That chapter alone is worth the reason to acquire this book since this is what SEO is centered on. This chapter includes major topics including Google algorithm projects such as Hawk, Panda, Penguin 4.0, Possum, Fred, Rankbrain. It also talks about Google’s mobile first policy and has a section on its mobile SEO update.

This book goes beyond the basics and into the minute details of search engine optimization and helps us learn more about:

  • getting site rankings at the top
  • link-building strategies
  • special money keywords that will bring more traffic
  • getting your site listed in 24 hours
  • files that increase your site to be blocked

About Adam Clarke, The Author

This book is written by Adam Clarke, an expert in SEO, who is a Google Certified Professional and has hundreds of top rankings from ten years of SEO and advises clients on how to obtain top rankings from all business sizes.

Read The Introduction on How Google Works

This book includes one of the most important chapters Introduction to How Google Works. It contains misinformation from bloggers and how they follow it. It explains the myths of old-school search engine optimization and how they no longer work. and spans over 15 years of methods who webmasters tried to game the system and temporarily succeeded. That is interesting reading and it brings back memories of the advice which we were hearing.

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